Taking a Journey Through the Solar System – The Grand Tour

Ever wanted to go to space? How about a tour of the entire Solar System? That’s what you get with this book.

Four years ago, I reviewed this book when it was in better condition. It’s called The Grand Tour: A Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System. This time, I did a review on video. And you get to see how the book is falling apart. Still a good book!

Honestly, I love this book. The art and photos are beautiful. If you love space and astronomy, I definitely recommend this book.

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An Olympic Book Challenge

It’s the Olympics right now and Canada has 10 medals at the moment. However, I got 13 gold medals in the book version of the Olympics. What are the Book Olympics? Well, it’s actually called the Olympic Book Tag. I was tagged by The Book Bat to do this, and it was really hard to answer some of the questions! Take a look.

If you could answer these questions, what would you say? Let me know in the comments below.