My Daughter’s First Time on a Horse, Plus No Man’s Sky!

This video is on my vlog channel, which only has eight subscribers at the moment! But it’s new, so I don’t expect it to grow quickly. However, this video is filled with some interesting things, including my daughter’s first time on a horse, which was pretty funny. We also saw a big accident on the highway, which I caught on video. I also talk about No Man’s Sky, a game which I really, really want to play. And you can add in poop games (yes, poop games), Carl’s Jr, and being interrupted by people walking by the house at night while recording the final parts of my video. Enjoy!

So, the big reveal at the end of the video is that my sister downloaded No Man’s Sky! I haven’t played it yet, as her old computer can’t handle the game, so I’ll give it a try while she’s at work tomorrow. This will be interesting!

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Authors Answer 6, the Video Edition – Writing Mistakes

In my continued bid to revise my old answers and put them on video, I present to you Authors Answer 6. The original question was:

Which mistake or bad habit in writing is the most difficult for you to stop doing?

My answer is mostly the same, but I elaborate more on it. Check it out.

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