My Daughter’s First Time on a Horse, Plus No Man’s Sky!

This video is on my vlog channel, which only has eight subscribers at the moment! But it’s new, so I don’t expect it to grow quickly. However, this video is filled with some interesting things, including my daughter’s first time on a horse, which was pretty funny. We also saw a big accident on the highway, which I caught on video. I also talk about No Man’s Sky, a game which I really, really want to play. And you can add in poop games (yes, poop games), Carl’s Jr, and being interrupted by people walking by the house at night while recording the final parts of my video. Enjoy!

So, the big reveal at the end of the video is that my sister downloaded No Man’s Sky! I haven’t played it yet, as her old computer can’t handle the game, so I’ll give it a try while she’s at work tomorrow. This will be interesting!

If you’re interested in seeing more of my vlogs, then please subscribe to my vlog channel. It’s different than my main channel, which focuses on books and science fiction (that one is growing nicely, with 148 subscribers at the moment). It would be appreciated!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


17 thoughts on “My Daughter’s First Time on a Horse, Plus No Man’s Sky!”

  1. me too…obsessive gamer that I am (or was…I date back to the early days of “Adventure,” played on DOS. I even have a huge map someplace that moved around Adventure… I

            1. I dimly remember seeing it, but may have dreamed it…I just drew it as I played the game…no graphics, of course, just up, down, right, left, in,, out. etc. fascinating though

            2. yes that’s what I did sort of… enter room, in, down, left, south…. goes into different tunnels…I thought it fun to have the “hub” with the tunnels going off… the game was just called “Adventure” and for old DOS … back in about 1983-4.

            3. I know of the game, but never tried it, even though I had a computer back in 1983-84. I was only 6-7 years old then, but I was programming in BASIC already. I should see if there’s an emulator or a web-based version of Adventure.

            4. that would be fun to see…it was pretty popular back in DOS days I think, magazines chatted about it. I liked the intrigue of using my own imagination. I have always used my computer mainly for word processing, was a newspaper reporter back in 83 when I got my first Kaypro. Wish I still had it, two floppy drives, A had program and some storage, and B was for storage.

            5. those ancient machines were marvelous, though…TRS80, AppleII came along later…my son, a Mac fan, told me recently “what kind of a son would let his Mom stick with a PC?” 🙂

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