Is the Online You Really You?

Here’s an interesting question. If you blog, do you write with your personality? Or do you sound different in your blog? Are your blog posts conversational, or are they more like formal articles? Do they show you?

I talked about that on my YouTube channel, as well. Is it really me on video, or is it scripted? Take a look.

In real life, I can be silly. I talk with a funny voice or say silly things. But on my main channel, I tend to be more calm. I’m not spontaneous. My videos are completely planned. But if you look at my vlog channel, I’m more natural. I don’t plan what happens. Things just happen and I document it.

What kind of person are you in real life? Is it any different than how you are online? Let me know in the comments below.


21 thoughts on “Is the Online You Really You?”

    1. There’s that. I tend to be more honest online than I am in real life. I can talk about things that are more difficult to discuss online than I can with someone in person.

  1. When I met you, I wasn’t surprised at how you acted compared to your blog. If anything, you seemed more relaxed in person. And I’m just me all the time, whether I’m writing or not. What do you think? Am I the same in person?

    1. Interesting. I understand how I can be more real in my blog, since I tend to use my more analytic or scientific mind there. However, I also talk like this with my family or a handful of friends. With most people, I don’t think they’d really understand or care.

  2. Hm, this is interesting because I’m much better at expressing myself in writing than in person. In person I can fumble over my words, since my brain works faster than my mouth, but oddly enough, I love making videos since I can often talk out ideas/questions before I write them down. I feel more myself online because writing is my element, and I have more time to fashion a response. The way I blog is essentially how I speak in real life.

    Another odd thing with videos is I have this “video accent.” It sounds almost English even though I’m not, and I call it my “contrived voice.” I believe it grew out of of singing classically throughout my school years and college where they teach you to soften your vowels because where I live, the vowels are extremely nasal. So in singing I have a sort of English accent, too, and I use something similar in videos. This also may be because when I edit, I read aloud, and many of my characters have that accent, and I’ll admit that I am an Anglophile hehe. My “normal” speaking voice sounds a bit “valley girlish” as I’ve been told most of my life. I used to be embarrassed by this since I’ll still often use uptalk and vocal fry at times, but I just accept that it is what it is now.

    1. It’s very similar for me. I used to spend so much time online, chatting with people from all over the place on an online text-based game on Telnet (a MUD), and I was very conversational, and even silly. I’m much more reserved in person if I don’t know the people well.

      You have a video accent? Well, I have a phone voice, since I used to work in a call centre.

        1. My phone voice becomes quite expressive and professional. I used it so much that it became natural. Of course, it’s been years since I worked in a call centre, but I’m sure I could do it again (the voice, not the job!).

          1. Oh goodness no, me neither. I did telemarketing as a summer job back in my college days, and absolutely abhorred it. I wonder if that fueled my telephone aversion or just exacerbated it. I’ve never worked in a call center though there’s one in the building I do work in. I absolutely hate talking on the phone. I feel so awkward though I seem to be okay at it. I’m one of the few people I know who can say they like their voice. I’m used to it from singing and the few plays I acted in. I used to detest it because it sounded too “valley girlish,” but I don’t even mind that inflection, my sometimes uptalk, and every now and then vocal fry. I find accents and inflections fascinating honestly. I remember the day I discovered information about the rhotic R hehe.

            1. First time I heard my voice recorded on an answering machine as a teenager, I hated it. I hear my voice on video all the time now, so I’m used to it.

              Oh, the infamous vocal fry 🙂

            2. I think that must be everyone! It’s because you’re used to the voice echoing in your own head. I’m used to mine as I said due to choir and being in plays.

              The frying is a thousand times worse when I’m tired hehe.

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