The Star Trek Project Video Digest 3 – Not Clickbait!

Sorry about missing last week. But you get two videos this week! I’d like to do these at a faster pace, but the videos tend to take longer to do than my other videos.

So, the first episode I have for you is episode 3, “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” You can read the original review here.

How do you like the video thumbnail? I’m supposed to have silvery eyes like Gary Mitchell.

The next video is for episode 4, “The Naked Time.” You can read the review here. I’d like to say something before I show you the video. Someone commented on the video saying that it was click bait. That was it. I responded that the thumbnail was very relevant for the episode. And then he responded that I was wearing a shirt for the entire video. You see, for each of the videos, I do an impression of a character in my thumbnail. This time, I did crazy fencing Sulu. It’s a very famous scene. Check it out below, as well as the video.

Yeah, so I took off my shirt to do this. And the title is “The Naked Time.” Looks like clickbait, but it isn’t. I even talk about this scene in the video twice!

Anyway, what did you think of the reviews? Do you agree? Disagree? Find out something that you didn’t know? Let me know in the comments below.

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