It’s Hard to See a Pet Grow Old

My sister’s dog is 16 years old. I watch him sleeping most of the time, and when he is awake, he needs to eat, pee, or poop. He doesn’t really play much anymore, though he does at times. Sometimes he acts like a puppy. But most of the time, he groans and cries as he tries to lie down and sleep. He wears a cone right now because he keeps licking a growth (it’s actually an oil gland) and making it bleed. He’s partly blind and mostly deaf. He has trouble going down the stairs, but seems to have no trouble going up quickly. He can still run and be active, so he’s physically reasonably healthy for his age.

But we wonder how long he’ll last. It’s hard to think about it. But it makes me think about three and a half years ago when our dog, Biscuit, died. You can read about it here.

What are your experiences with losing a pet? Let me know in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “It’s Hard to See a Pet Grow Old”

  1. We had two hamsters and unfortunately, they had just entered our lives when they left us. The jumped from the table they were kept on. They died very young, even for a hamster. I’ve had many dogs growing up and it was always sad when their time had come.

    1. You sure they weren’t lemmings? I know, that’s a myth. It’s hard dealing with a pet’s death. But we’re going to have to deal with it soon, unfortunately.

  2. We had to put our beloved Bluey dog to sleep after 15 years due to a tumor which caused him pain in his last weeks. Always a heart wrenching time. We’ve also lost guinea pigs and plenty of chooks. We have a veritable pet cemetery in our back yard.

    1. My sister’s dog is finding it so difficult to lie down now. He breathes very hard, and recently won’t sleep well unless he’s being held at night. He’ll sleep all day, but won’t lie down at night. It’s been difficult.

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