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Authors Answer 95 – The Personality Dealer

It’s the final story of the month. Can our authors bring us a compelling story to read? Would you buy it? This time, we’re dealing in personalities!

Check out last week’s winner for “Lessons of a Jolly Hermit“, Tracey Lynn Tobin!

So, let’s check out today’s story and then you decide whose is best in the poll at the end.

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 95 – The Personality Dealer

Gregory S. Close

Science Fiction

Rory wanted something more from life.  Something exciting.  Something different.  But he couldn’t afford an upgrade from BASIC, not even an A4 Quirk or a back catalogue Recessive Trait, so he’d given up hope of moving up in the social hierarchy and out of his dead end job as a doctor.  Celebrity wasn’t meant for everyone.

Then Magnus Cain shows up on the clinic doorstep, bloody, paranoid and on the run from the law, and he brings with him the hope of something more.  Once a lowly, unaltered med school peon like Rory, Magnus’ career at PsychCorp took an illegal – and highly profitable – turn when he started dealing in high end augments to powerful Celebs.  But Magnus is in trouble.  He’ll need Rory’s help if he’s going to close the biggest score of his career… and Rory will need Magnus’ help, and just a little personality, to survive!

Eric Wood

The Personality Dealer is a fantasy about a being who is responsible for handing out personalities to children before they are born. However, when the being accidentally hands out two wrong personalities it could mean World War III.

Jean Davis

The Personality Dealer is a paranormal novel set in Los Vegas. Sometimes fate deals you a hand you have to live with, other times it’s a card from Lucy Butler’s deck. Down on her luck, Lucy turns from tarot card reading to dealing poker to pay her mounting bills. When a magical deck finds its way to her table, Lucy finds she can not only begin to repair her dismal credit score, but also fix the lives of others.

Elizabeth Rhodes

“The Personality Dealer,” a dark fantasy set in Medieval England. The “fairy godmother” is a myth; everyone knows the job of Personality Dealer is a more serious and powerful undertaking. A Dealer is responsible for shaping newborn children into decent – or sometimes, indecent – human beings. One young mother, afraid her son’s personality is defective, seeks her old Dealer to ask for a new one.

D. T. Nova

Urban fantasy

Present day Chicago

Hate your personality? Trade it in for a new one. But the prices are suspiciously low, and no one knows what the dealer actually does with the used personalities.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Setting: Modern-Day American Suburbia

Have you ever wished that you were braver? Cleverer? More outgoing? The Personality Dealer has you covered, with hundreds of thousands of personality traits to pick and choose from. But remember: everything comes with a price, and the Dealer always collects his payment.

Paul B. Spence

Genre: Western

Setting: American West 19th Century

Summary: Joseph had found out the hard way that most of the outlaws and thieves he was forced to rub shoulders with in the small mining town of Silverpaw lacked much in the way of personality. He was going to change that, even if he had to do it with an iron fist, a six shooter, and a badge.

Jay Dee Archer

Genre: Science Fiction

Setting: 21st century North America

In a day when unemployment is high and competition for jobs is fierce, Katrina Curry has a stranglehold on the newest field of employment. She is a personality dealer. But when a homeless man comes in after receiving a generous donation from a mysterious benefactor, the personality alteration procedure goes very wrong. Now she must go after a homicidal nymphomaniac or face prison time herself.

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