Sleeping Difficulties

She looks innocent, doesn’t she? That was her at the playground earlier today. She ended up going to bed a bit late tonight, but she spent two hours moving around, talking, and making a poor attempt at sleeping. I’m tired.

Anyone else have trouble getting their kid to bed?

9 thoughts on “Sleeping Difficulties”

  1. why are u tired? u are micromanaging her. pack her off to her room at bedtime, with strict instructions she is not to make a noise. then leave her be. that is how my sister manage her brood of 3 boys. 8pm is their bedtime, and so she has time to herself after that . what they do in their bedroom, all three share the bedroom; is up to them. there are no tv, or laptops there so nothing to keep them up.

    1. No micromanaging here. I don’t like doing that. I let her do what she likes. However, at bed time, she’s afraid to be alone in her room at night. And if I did put her in her room, as I’ve tried many times before, she cries and comes out of her room.

    1. Probably lucky. One of the main problems is that she never had her own room until just 5 months ago. She slept in the same room as us for the first 4 years of her life. But then, we couldn’t do anything about that, considering the size of our apartment at the time.

  2. That makes it hard. But now maybe things have to change and you have to be strong. She will adapt and grow to love her own room. Just give her time.

  3. The crying is normal. It’s tough, I know. But they eventually do fall asleep and forget all about it in the morning. Our youngest puts himself to sleep this way sometimes. They’re not hurt or in any danger so it’s okay to let them cry. The not staying in her room is difficult, especially if she’s afraid. We used to make “monster spray” for our oldest. Put some water and beads (or whatever) into a spray bottle and spray various spots in the room (by the door, by a closet, by the window) to keep the monsters out. The only think I warn about with that is that it does give validity that monsters do exist if you have to spray for them. Good luck! It’ll all work out one way or another.

    1. My sister has already said that this house has no monsters. She believes it. We keep encouraging her to sleep in her room by herself, but she doesn’t want to be alone. Eventually, she will.

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