Reading Slump?

I guess you could say I’ve been having a reading slump this year. I’m still only on my third book of the year.  It hasn’t been a great year for reading. I talked about it in a video. Enjoy my daughter’s acting in this one, too. And the bloopers.

I’m hoping to pick up my reading for September. I should be able to finish this book that’s taking me too long to read. Then I’ll move on to a couple shorter books that should be much easier to read quickly. But that’s another video.

What do you do if you are in a reading slump? Is there anything special you do that can encourage you to read more? Let me know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Reading Slump?”

  1. I would not recommend such bad behavior, but I’ve actually been zipping through stories I can read on my phone since I’m doing it at work during lunch and while I’m waiting for slow things to run. I’m 55% through a book on my Kindle, and I also have some Deviant Artist writers I follow. I also literally schedule out when I’m going to read certain books on my day planner. This helps out a lot especially since I’m technically reading four right now with the Kindle story.

    1. I can’t schedule my reading. It happens when it happens. I really need to get to work on reading the eBook I’ve been reading. It’s been months since I read any of it. I remember it well, though.

  2. If I find myself in a slump, I take a step back and figure out where my time is going. Typically when I realize I’ve been stuck on the same book for a month–I’m working on book number twenty-something this year–it’s because I’m sinking too much time into an addictive app or video game. Of course starting my own blog hasn’t helped accelerate my reading either.

    1. My blog has helped me focus on reading more in the past. Well, if all goes well tomorrow, I may have a new job that requires me to take a bus for about an hour. That’s plenty of reading time for me!

  3. When I’m in a reading slump it’s usually because I’m having trouble deciding what to read next. I often struggle deciding which genre I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I have to take several books and read the first chapter of each and keep reading the one that keeps my attention.

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