Goodbye, Old Friend

Not a happy day for us.

Sixteen and a half years old, Romeo left us today. I’m feeling quite down while my daughter says, “Are you sad? Do you miss Romeo? It’ll be okay. I love you.” Then she gives me a big hug. My four year old is stronger? But I’m not sure if she understands how final this is. 

I’ll be making a couple videos this weekend. One about Romeo and one about Tommy’s first day of school. Look for them when they’re done. 

27 thoughts on “Goodbye, Old Friend”

            1. Ours gets to go my moms, or with us, when we travel. She hates the kennel. But she was a Katrina dog, and she likely has miserable memories of cages and such. She’s easy to travel or to watch though.

            2. Ah, I guess that can happen. When my wife and I traveled to Canada when we moved in together, we hired a pet care agency that came to our apartment every day twice a day to feed and walk our dog.

  1. she is a very sweet and sensitive little girl… sorry about Romeo. One of my cats is in her 19th year, another is almost 14. The only time I ever saw my late husband cry was when one of his dogs died.

      1. that’s because dogs are loyal and loving no matter what…cats not so much, but still there is that low-baggage relationship with the pets. The only time I ever saw my late husband cry was when his dogs died.

        1. Since dogs are pack animals, they love companionship. Humans become their pack. Cats are solitary, though they know they need us for food and shelter. Well, easy food. And a warm place. And someone to scratch them.

  2. Oh no! Romeo looks like he was very much loved, and your daughter’s sweet and sensitive words are a credit to your parenting. It wounds like she has some inkling of it even if she doesn’t understand the intricacies ;_;

    1. He was loved a lot. My daughter still talks about it. Although she’s been told that he isn’t alive anymore, she still thinks he’s in the hospital.

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