Commentition Spontaneous September 2016

Summer is winding down, which means people are returning to their homes, returning to school, and sitting themselves in front of computers more often. That results in people reading more blog posts and commenting more! At least that’s the theory. But how has the last month’s commenting changed things? Is anything different? Do we have a new leader? Do we have a new person in the ranks? Let’s find out!

The top six commenters are based on the previous 1000 comments, nearly half of which are mine.  The rest go to all of you commenters.  455 were my comments, the rest went to others.  So here are the top six:

1. Yet again, we have our illustrious commenting leader, stomperdad, with 78 comments! How does he do it? His most recent post is a regular weekly series of his, but he talks about 9/11. Yesterday was September 11th. Take a look at his latest, Sunday Share.

2. In second place, it’s someone who hasn’t moved at all. She’s still up in second place. From down under, it’s Miriam with 66 comments! Her latest post is a very positive one and, coincidentally, contains the word spontaneity! Check out Smiles, Sparks and Spontaneity!

3. Coming up next is someone who is surging back up the rankings. With 54 comments, it’s Gradmama2011! In her latest post, she talks about her memories of the end of World War II. Very good read. Check out childhood memories of war.

4. In fourth place, it’s another person who’s moved up a bit. From fifth place last month, it’s The Shameful Narcissist! She had 41 comments. Her latest post is a tag! Lots of interesting answers to read. Take a look at The Goodreads Book Tag.

5. Next up, and still in the top six, but falling from third, we have Thomas Weaver! He had 40 comments. In his latest post, he goes through some more editing fun. Check out Writing Glitch #144!

6. And in the final position of the top six, we have another person who’s stayed in the top group. With 35 comments, it’s my sister, leeannarcher! And again, here is her blank blog.

This month, the posts have been pretty interesting! I think you should check them all out. Also, the top six haven’t changed, just in different positions. Will someone rise up in the ranks and take a spot away from one of them? There are 30 days until the next Commentition!

Of course, none of this would be possible without you, my readers and commenters. Thank you everyone for all the comments! I love this little community on my blog.

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