I Was Demonetized on YouTube!

I didn’t think it would happen, but it did. Two of my videos were demonetized. Actually, they’re the same video, but on two different channels. They differ slightly in captions and the ending clip.

Why were they demonetized? I can only guess that the algorithm used to demonetize videos caught a key word in my video’s tags and description, most likely “passed away” or “pet loss.” However, looking at the terms of service, this video should be okay. What may trigger the demonetization is that they think it’s a sensitive subject or may not be advertiser friendly.

I have contacted YouTube to see if they’ll restore monetization for the video on my main channel. If successful, I try the same thing for the video on my vlog channel. They should contact me within a day, so I’ll update soon.


6 thoughts on “I Was Demonetized on YouTube!”

  1. I’d be willing to bet it was a plagiarism issue. Like when Jason had all those guest posters who posted the same thing on their own blogs. WP didn’t pick up on the fact that they were written by the same people who posted them on their own blogs. Computers are stupid that way.
    If you have any other duplicates on two different youtube channels and they are demonetized too, you’ll know why.

    1. They’re actually different videos. If it were a plagiarism issue, I’d have a copyright strike against my account. But that’s not the issue. It’s definitely an issue with the fact that it’s about someone or something dying.

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