200 and 16,000 – What Does It Mean?

Today, I passed a couple milestones! Isn’t that nice? Two in one day. But what are they?

Let’s look at the smaller number. 200. This video will explain it:

My YouTube channel reached 200 subscribers! Actually, it sits at 203 right now, but it reached 200 this morning. I like numbers. But it’s really not important. I just want to thank the people who keep me doing what I do.

But what about 16,000? It’s about this blog! And it’s about you, my readers. More specifically, it’s about those of you who comment. The blog reached 16,000 comments today! That just seems so unbelievable. With a bit more than 2,000 posts, that means about eight comments per post. But still, that’s a big number! I can’t really imagine it.

The biggest message I have to give to you is thank you. I love the community I have on this blog, and I love the community I have discovered in the booktube corner of YouTube. I’m looking forward to much more in the future!

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