Week in Review – September 18, 2016

Very interesting week online. I’m loving the interest that my new project is getting. More on that in the blog and video sections. But I’ve also been doing a lot of studying, both in technical aspects and inspirational ones. Let’s find out about this week!


Redemption Ark is now at 68%. Still slow, but I think I’ll pick it up this week.


I’m going to try to take advantage of some quiet time this week. We’ll see what happens.


8 videos went up on my main channel. And it was a big week! Not only did I reach 200 subscribers, I started a new project. That project is the Read the World project, where I research literature from each country in the world. I’ve already done Afghanistan, and the responses have been great. Very encouraging! Albania is coming tomorrow. As far as my vlog channel goes, I changed the name to simply Jay Dee. I’m going to try daily vlogging this week. I may have good content each day, I might not. If nothing happens in my personal life, I’ll be talking about things that interest me, have caught my eye, or even news. I do have an idea for a video that is important to me.


Nothing. Major revamp coming!


I did some work on French.

The Blog

As with the videos, I’m working on the Read the World Project (Afghanistan is here), and am doing blog articles on it. They are a bit different, and you can enjoy the project however you wish. They have different audiences. All of you read my blog, I know that. I have a different group of people that watch my videos. But what you all have in common is a love of books. I’m bringing this project to a larger audience by doing both blog and video.

And also, there have now been 16,000 comments on this blog! Wow!


I said I’d been doing some studying. It’s mostly been about marketing and optimizing my videos for search ranking. I’m learning how to make my videos more attractive to people, as well as more likely to retain viewers. The results have been extremely evident, as my subscription rate has been going up and videos have been getting more views.

The Next Week’s Goals

I’m planning to work on some writing! Also, expect a couple more countries for Read the World (Albania and Algeria are likely). Expect a video every day on my vlog channel. And I have a big plan for next month’s Authors Answer (specifically question 104). If you read last year’s anniversary question, then you should know what to expect. But this time, my aim is higher. I don’t know if I’ll succeed, but I can only try.

How was your week?

Rapid Fire Book Tag – An Exercise in Quickness

I challenged myself in this one. While I was tagged to do it, I decided that if I’m going to do this video, I’d have to do it properly. That means answer as quickly as I can and no edits. I did the entire thing in one take. I’m pretty satisfied I could do it.

But in this video, I talk about my preferences in books. Do you have answers that are similar to or different than mine?

Let me know about your preferences in the comments below.