Why I Review Self-Published Books

As someone who is writing a book and intends to self-publish, I want to support other authors who self-publish. That is why I review them.

You see, while I’m reading traditionally published books in physical form, I also read self-published books on Kindle. I usually have two books going at the same time, and I when I have a little time, I read the eBook.

But aren’t self-published books garbage? Absolutely not! There are some that are very good. Here are three that have received publishing deals after originally being published online or as self-published eBooks:

  • Riyria Revelations, by Michael J. Sullivan
  • Wool, by Hugh Howie
  • The Martian, by Andy Weir

Although I don’t have Wool, I have the other two, and will read them soon. I have also read some that don’t have a publishing contract and are very good. Sure, just like traditionally published books, you find some that aren’t very good.

Below, you can watch the review of the first self-published novel I ever read, Voidhawk, by Jason Halstead.

The original review is here, which I did nearly four years ago.

Do you read self-published books? Let me know in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Why I Review Self-Published Books”

      1. Not necessarily. Some won’t tell everyone, “Hey, this novel is awesome — you should read it!” unless they actually like your novel.

        I don’t REVIEW many books, indie or otherwise; I’m not good at writing reviews. On the other hand, I READ a lot of indie-published books.

        1. Reviewing isn’t for everyone. Some people write extremely in-depth reviews, but I find them to be too much. I like more straightforward reviews with no spoilers. Give me a more general idea of what it’s like. I’m not fond of analysing a book deeply.

          1. I don’t mind detailed reviews as long as they’re about what the reviewer liked/didn’t like in the book and WHY. (Sometimes the things the reviewer hates are exactly what I want in a work of fiction. “This book is terrible — there are no sex scenes!” Really…?) I don’t like “book report” style reviews, though.

            1. Some people like things that other people don’t. But sex scenes? That’s not important to me. Did you really read a review like that?

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