Difficulties of Worldbuilding

I love worldbuilding. I’ve created a world, Ariadne, that is an entire planet with many countries, cities, cultures, and of course a large variety of landscapes. But making an entire world isn’t easy.

For me, some things were difficult. I think everyone excels in a different aspect while worldbuilding. Some difficulties are:


It’s so easy to create a world that’s populated by people from a single culture. But is that realistic? Not at all, especially if you’re looking at an entire world. In fantasy, it’s extremely common to have several cultures. But it’s also easy to copy cultures from other books. To make a truly unique set of cultures is difficult.


If you’re not a linguist, you may have some difficulties with creating a rudimentary language. But it’s not always necessary to. A lot of fantasy novels use a “common language” or “standard tongue” or something like that, and it’s always written in English. That’s fine. But if you want to make a language, then you should probably try to set up some rules. That’s the difficult part.


You can’t have some cultures on a world without a history. It’s extremely important to create a history for all of the cultures. It often helps dictate cultural relations. But to create a history that goes back for hundreds or thousands of years is a lot of work. And that can be difficult.

What do you think is difficult about worldbuilding? Let me know in the comments below.

13 thoughts on “Difficulties of Worldbuilding”

  1. What if the planet was colonized by humans? Earth sent human to this planet to live and there were many cultures involved in colonizing the planet but after a period of time the cultures all meshed together and became one large one. Hence, there’s now only one culture on the planet.

  2. Worldbuilding is a tricky thing. It’s a lot of fun, but it can snowball and you end up trying to service the world more than the characters. Seems like it can get a bit masturbatory too. You feel more pride in a huge, complex world where not much of note has really happened than you do in the stories that take place there. It’s something I’m always wrestling with.

    1. Well, if all you do is work with the world and not the story, it isn’t that interesting. Although I do want my world to be fully developed (it’s more of a hobby for me), it’s very important for me to have a story that’s compelling and interesting.

  3. I find one of the hardest things is coming up with truly different cultures that aren’t simply rebranded versions of other cultures — real or fictional. Coming up with *new* ways to live isn’t easy!

    1. Very true. When I read about alien species or fantasy cultures, they are often very similar to what we see in our own history. I think Steven Erikson’s Malazan does a very good job of being unique.

  4. Do u think that,
    Long long ago, Misr pyramides (are very large or huge, )How can the people pick them and put and make a proper shaped pyramides. How can they attach them without any machinery help.
    In ancient age,

    1. Even though people often think of them as being unsophisticated, they actually had excellent math and geometry skills. If they know numbers, they shouldn’t have a problem.

  5. I’ve always shied away from massive world building and kind of stuck along typical European medieval like settings. It doesn’t need much building, you know? Now, as I start to delve into this larger pool of world builidng, it’s a lot to take in. A lot of prior planning must go into it most definitely, but it can be fun. You can pull from so many cultures and incorporate it into your own unique one. Same goes for food, music, clothing, traditions… etc.

    1. It is a lot of fun. I used to look around the internet for websites where people showed off their created worlds for RPGs. It was very interesting.

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