Week in Review – October 9, 2016

Snow! If there’s any word that describes the week, it’s snow. It snowed. But there are a lot of other things that happened, too. Let’s find out!


I made some pretty good progress with Redemption Ark, and am now at 85%. This is all thanks to reading on the bus. I may finish this week!


I’ve been so busy in other aspects, that this wasn’t possible. Well, mainly because of no privacy.


Lots. My main channel had 7 videos, but my vlog channel had only 5. I got a bit behind a couple times, but that was because I wanted to sleep.


Nothing. Major revamp coming!


I haven’t done any studying of French or Esperanto this week.

The Blog

I started doing one thing, and that’s posting videos as a weekly digest. I won’t be posting them in any other blog post except for special cases and The Star Trek Project. I’ve also been keeping up on social media, so that’s good.



The Next Week’s Goals

I must get the Authors Answer index updated, since it’s getting close to the second anniversary of the series. I also have some reviews to do. I have one ready to go soon. And I’ll also get caught up on comments and stay caught up.

I’d like to streamline my video editing and posting system. I may have to start editing ahead of time and schedule posts. Sometimes I get too busy, especially when I have to work. This week, I’ll be out late a couple nights, so I need to have the videos ready.

How was your week?

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