Commentition Organic October 2016

It’s getting cooler now, as winter is fast approaching. And the carbon-based commenters of this blog continue to comment, despite the changing seasons, on both sides of the equator. Since the last time we did Commentition, I started a new job, became busier, and have resolved to improve the quality of the blog posts on the blog. I hope that will draw new commenters and intensify the competition for the commenter crown. So, how did things shape up this month? Let’s find out!

The top six commenters are based on the previous 1000 comments, nearly half of which are mine.  The rest go to all of you commenters.  435 were my comments, the rest went to others.  So here are the top six:

1. In the top position, we have someone different than last month. Moving up to first is Miriam with 68 comments! Her latest post features a lot of photos and water. Check out Weekly Photo Challenge: H20 -Snobs Waterfall.

2. Coming up in second is our former illustrious leader, stomperdad, with 67 comments! His latest post is a great post about his sons, My Reading Buddies. Definitely check it out!

3. In third place, we have someone who hasn’t budged from this position. With 56 comments, it’s Gradmama2011! Her latest post is a reblog, but she adds her own thoughts. Take a look at THIS UNREST IN ITS WIDER FRAMEWORK (Re-Blog from Jnana’s Red Barn).

4. Moving up from sixth, the fourth place spot is taken up by my sister, leeannarcher! She had 43 comments. Check out her postless blog!

5. In fifth place, with identical numbers and ranking, at 40 comments, it’s Thomas Weaver! His latest post is another one about editing, grammar, and writing mistakes: Writing Glitch #179.

6. Coming in sixth place, down from fourth, it’s The Shameful Narcissist with 36 comments! Her latest post is a Halloween themed questionnaire! Check out Halloween Fun Time.

It turns out our top six is still the same people as the last few times. If your name isn’t up there, this is your chance to compete! I love seeing comments on this blog, as they help contribute to the community. And this is a great community!

Of course, I have to thank everyone for reading and commenting! Without you, this wouldn’t be nearly as fun as it is. Keep commenting!

15 thoughts on “Commentition Organic October 2016”

    1. Well, I think it’s fairly easy to stay in the top six if you keep commenting 🙂 But Sierra dropped out quite a while ago. But she’s now busy with university, which is great for her.

  1. Hard to believe I’m #1! 🙂 So many WP issues this month and so many of my comments as well have ended up in peoples spam folders so I’m (pleasantly) surprised. Have a great month ahead.

  2. I’m so shocked I placed at all! I feel like I’ve been slacking with my comments. I always try to read and like, but sometimes I either don’t have anything to say or I’m too rushed to flesh it out properly. Well I’m happy I made it!

    1. This blog has been slow lately. But I blame myself for taking too much time to respond to comments. My posts are down to one a day now, though after November, I may bring it back up to twice a day. It depends.

      1. I try to check all of my posts and comments every other day, but even that’s becoming taxing as I both check the new posts to what I’m subscribed to AND check/answer comments. Even though it’s Friday it’s too much. I still need time to do my ever present writing/blogging. It really is a second job!

        1. I’m finding that my online time is like a second job. I probably spend more time blogging and vlogging than working. And now that I’ll be doing NaNoWriMo, even more time will be on my computer.

          1. Yep, it really is a second job. I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year since I’m in the middle of editing a story and writing a review/analysis that’s currently pushing 6k words, which is about the length of the last short story I did write. I have a thing about not starting new projects until I finish my old ones…not that I always follow this rule, but I try!

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