A Hilarious New Pokemon

Yesterday, my daughter was talking to me about her day at school. She and her friend pretended to be Pokemon. Her friend was Pikachu, while my daughter was something I’d never heard of, at least in Pokemon. The word she used is a real word, but no Pokemon has that name. I was surprised and confused. But most of all, I had to laugh. The name was hilarious. And guess what? I got it all on video.

I bet you want to see that video. You won’t regret it. Check it out.

It turned out that she couldn’t pronounce the name of the main character, Ash. But still, it was very funny. Kids can say the funniest things.

For those of you who have children, what are some of the funniest things they’ve said? Let me know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “A Hilarious New Pokemon”

  1. HA! That’s too funny! My son had a small excavator toy that he called “scoop”. One day he made Scoop go down a ramp backwards. He got all excited and hollered “Stoop uh batards!” (which sounds like “stupid bastards” when you say it out loud). After that we were constantly asking “What does Scoop do? just to hear him say it.

    1. Hahaha. That’s funny. How old was he then? My daughter used to say things like “nanana” instead of “banana” and “bappo” instead of “apple.” She can’t pronounce “breakfast” (braksest) or “caramel” (camamel).

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