Emergency! Must Watch The Shannara Chronicles!

We’re changing our internet and cable provider next Friday. That means that all shows that have been recorded must be watched before we change, because it’s all saved on our current provider’s equipment.

So, I’ll be watching The Shannara Chronicles, all thirteen episodes of it, before the equipment is switched over. I guess Star Trek will be put on the back burner until then.

You may be wondering why we’re changing providers. Well, we’ll be getting higher bandwidth. Our current provider can’t give us higher speeds, apparently because it’s unavailable in our neighbourhood. They promised us they would have it available within a month, but that was three months ago. They didn’t deliver. So, new provider, and triple the bandwidth.

The Snow Doesn’t Stop! The Jay Dee Show 2

I hope you’re ready for more videos. It’s been an interesting week, including a lot more snow. I worked quite a bit, but I kept up with booktube. I researched and explored the literature of Algeria, and I enjoyed giving some shoutouts. Let’s take a look at my main channel‘s videos.

First up is a vlog-like video where I talk about some authors who behave badly.

And then we go on to find out about literature from Algeria.

Next up is a popular video of mine, my monthly booktuber shoutout video.

And then I started a new tag, one targeted toward the parent booktubers.

Nearly finished the From East to West series now. Finally, we have reached Canada!

Then I reviewed Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards!

And finally, I answered Authors Answer #15, talking about new media.

So, let’s move on to my vlog channel. It snowed again! Is it going to stop?

First of all is my daughter’s first time playing in the snow. You definitely need to watch her first snowball fight.

The next day, my wife and I encountered a creepy snowman.

Something happened on YouTube thanks to Casey Neistat, a big vlogger. Find out what happened.

My daughter told me about a Pokemon that she was pretending to be. It was absolutely hilarious!

And yes, it snowed again!

If you have any comments, please let me know below. I’ll be back with more videos next Saturday!