Authors on YouTube

When you read books, have you ever wondered what the authors sound like? Today, as I was looking for how to pronounce an author’s name, I came across his channel and was able to discover how his name is pronounced. The author is George H. Sirois. It’s a French last name, but he’s American, so I had no idea how he pronounced it. I know the French pronunciation, and no, he doesn’t pronounce it the French way.

So, this had me wondering about other authors on YouTube. Here’s the result of my pondering.

Patrick Rothfuss has a channel, and here’s a really long video.

Brandon Sanderson also has a channel. And here’s his ice bucket challenge.

Hugh Howey has quite a few videos. This is his Wool Synopsis.

And look, Michael J. Sullivan has a channel. This is his oldest video.

There are more, of course. And I’d like to know about them. Are there any authors on YouTube that you watch? Share their channels below!

13 thoughts on “Authors on YouTube”

      1. That’s okay! Making videos or rather making them ready to be posted is time consuming, and he’s busy writing. It’s why I don’t have any up at the moment. Well why I don’t have any besides slideshows up, and those are still time consuming. Editing videos I’ve made of myself talking would probably take as long if now longer.

        1. It doesn’t take me that long. I can edit a 6-7 minute video of me talking in about 15 minutes. A good amount of time is spent with the compiling and uploading of the video, though.

            1. I’ve been thinking about putting music over some of my video, but I’m not a musical person and I don’t really know what to use.

            2. I need to look into it myself when the time comes. I know there’s some music out there you use for free, though I am definitely not the person to ask about that. I was going to use the Google when the time came for me to figure that out. Good luck with it if you decide to go that direction!

            3. I’ve been working on tweaking my videos to give calls to action earlier in the video. That is, I’m telling people they can like and subscribe, as well as comment, near the beginning of the video to encourage people to do so. Not everyone reaches the end of the video where I normally do it. As for music, I want to use some for an end card at the end of my videos. Just a short 15-20 second clip. But first, I want to be able to do picture in picture video so I can continue playing video in an end card. I need new software.

            4. There’s so much that goes into video making. These are excellent ideas though! I’m guilty of not always reaching the end of videos, so I agree with putting the vital information closer to the beginning 🙂

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