YouTube’s End Card Feature Is Here!

At least for me it is. I guess it’s my turn to have access to it, or is it available to everyone now? I have no idea. I can access it on both of my active channels. I’ve even tried it out on a couple videos. The ones I have coming on my main channel aren’t set up for the end card, though. For my vlog channel, I have a quicker turnaround, as I normally post videos the day after I record them. However, I’m a little behind. But for my most recent vlog, I did put it to use. Check it out here:

It’s pretty basic, as I’m not exactly positioned for the feature to be used very effectively.

As for my main channel, I’ve actually been making my Star Trek Project videos to be ready for this feature. I knew it was coming, so I’ve just been using annotations in place of where I wanted to use the end card feature. Here’s the announcement video for The Star Trek Project.

For the other videos in this series, I’ll be doing the end card annotations tonight. I’ll have them all caught up.

Every video I make from now on will be ready for the end card feature. This should increase interactivity and make it easier for viewers to watch the next best video from my channels. I will likely use the following:

  • Subscribe
  • Previous video
  • Recommended video (YouTube recommended, though it’ll be one of my videos)
  • Playlist (if applicable)
  • Next video (only for The Star Trek Project)

So, you should be seeing at least 3 things at the end of the video, and they’ll vary depending on the video type or series.

Who else has had the opportunity to use this feature? I’m very excited to be able to use it.