Help Me Write a Story

I had an idea a couple days ago, and I thought I’d let you help me write a story! Here’s how it’s going to happen. I give you a list of word types, and you respond in the comments with all of those words. I’m not giving you much time to do this, as I’ll be writing these stories in a couple days. However, I’m going to try to do it in a way so that I can’t see what’s been written. It’ll be a mystery to me until I read it.

That’s right, I’m doing a mad lib story! I’ve already written the short story, but now it’s time for you to give me the words. So, in the comments section, please enter the words. Keep it PG? Actually, write whatever you want. Let’s see how silly or crazy this can get. Here are the categories:

  1. name (famous person)
  2. noun
  3. feeling
  4. noun
  5. adjective
  6. verb
  7. adjective
  8. adjective
  9. adjective
  10. adjective
  11. plural noun
  12. verb past tense
  13. verb past tense
  14. noun

I will be doing this all on video, by the way. You’ll see my reaction to the stories as I read them. I’m going to see if I can get someone to just copy and paste them into the story so I have no idea what they are until I read them.

So, let the insanity begin!

13 thoughts on “Help Me Write a Story”

  1. name (famous person) Dr, Richard St. Barbe Baker, L.L.D., O.B.E.
    noun Silviculturist
    feeling happiness
    noun tree
    adjective idyllic
    verb preserve
    adjective bucolic
    adjective pastoral
    adjective sylvan
    adjective previous
    plural noun generations
    verb past tense destroyed
    verb past tense devastated
    noun planet

  2. name (famous person) David Allen Sibley
    noun field guide
    feeling alive
    noun bird
    adjective gregarious
    verb warble
    adjective straight
    adjective untidy
    adjective large
    adjective high
    plural noun locks
    verb past tense nested
    verb past tense
    noun California Quail

  3. 1. famous person: Franz Boas
    2. noun: herring
    3. feeling: jubilance
    4. noun: archaeopteryx
    5. adjective: vertiginous
    6. verb: dye
    7. adjective: grotesque
    8. adjective: rebellious
    9. adjective: ubiquitous
    10. adjective: antediluvian
    11. plural noun: sparrows
    12. verb, past-tense: cavorted
    13. verb, past-tense: knitted
    14. noun: boutonniere

    (Don’t look for a common theme in this list; there isn’t one.)

  4. name (famous person): Rebecca Sugar
    noun: ruby
    feeling: anger
    noun: toy
    adjective: curious
    verb: grok
    adjective: polka-dotted
    adjective: ginormous
    adjective: eldritch
    adjective: dynamic
    plural noun: starships
    verb past tense: eviscerated
    verb past tense: shuffled
    noun: paper

  5. name (famous person)- Neil DeGrasse Tyson
    noun- Pencil
    feeling- Elated
    noun- Cell Phone
    adjective- Strange
    verb- Blow
    adjective- Red
    adjective- Humongous
    adjective- Microscopic
    adjective- Purple
    plural noun- Monkeys
    verb past tense- Elected
    verb past tense- Slept
    noun- Telescope

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