International Science Centre and Science Museum Day

Today is International Science Centre and Science Museum Day. I work at a science centre, but I am also a strong supporter of science museums and science education. Science education is extremely important, especially in days like these when anti-science is gaining a foothold in mainstream thinking. And because of the election of Donald Trump, science education stands to lose a lot. 

I ask you to take a day and visit a science museum. Take your children if you have any. Learn something new. Come to understand science, even if it’s just a little more. Science doesn’t have to be boring. It is fun. It’s interesting. And it’s extremely important for industry, medicine, energy, and innovation. Help bring science and scientific advances back into the minds of as many people as possible. 

If you want to help combat anti-science sentiments, then please share this message. 

12 thoughts on “International Science Centre and Science Museum Day”

  1. I’m still trying to figure out how “anti-science” even exists. People don’t understand it, therefore it must not be true. Not believing in science is like not believing in English. Just doesn’t make sense…

    1. Yeah. I’d like to ask people who are against science how they would live if science didn’t exist. Everything they use in modern life was created through scientific experiment and engineering.

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