Week in Review – November 13, 2016

The past week can only be characterised by the US Presidential election. It overshadows the vlogs I did that week, though I haven’t even posted them yet. Soon! So, let’s find out what happened.


I’m at 57% in The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin. Great progress! I may actually finish this week! If so, that’ll be wonderful.


NaNoWriMo is officially a failure. Although I still have 17 days, I won’t be able to catch up. I have written nothing in the past week. I will still work on it, though.


I had a very busy week at work last week, so I had less time to work on both publishing and shooting videos. However, I did publish 7 videos on my main channel and 5 on my vlog channel. I’m still behind on my vlog channel, though I am catching up a bit. The biggest thing about my vlog channel is that I may start doing science videos once a week!


Nothing. Major revamp coming!


I need to get back to work on this.

The Blog

Despite the fact that I’ve been making fewer posts, the average number of views per day has increased. I find that very interesting.



The Next Week’s Goals

I’m planning on doing some reviews. Yes, I’m saying that again. I also have to write my Star Trek episode 8 review and watch more episodes. I’m going to develop my science video idea further. And I need to learn a new video editor. I want to be able to add graphics to my videos.

How about you?

7 thoughts on “Week in Review – November 13, 2016”

      1. Interesting. I’ve had a few new comments recently on older posts. The newbies have found our blogs and going back in time to see what else we’ve written. Good for them 😀

    1. The weird thing is that my November posts aren’t getting as many views as my earlier posts this month. It seems my blog has reached the point in which older content is being read more than newer content. Must mean good Google ranking!

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