A Big 300! The Jay Dee Show 9

My main channel reached a big milestone. 300 subscribers! And then after that, the number of subscribers increased fairly quickly. 13 new subscribers in a week! Things are looking pretty good.

On my main channel, I was able to post 8 videos, which is more than usual.

We start off with my daughter’s questionable sense of humour in a library book haul.

And then we get to the 300 subscriber video. Actually, part 1! It’s a special video where I talk about some of my best stories from Japan.

The next day, I posted part 2, which has some more stories from my life in Japan.

With the end of the month, I talked about my November Wrap Up, what I read during the month.

And then it was the books I plan to read in December, my TBR video.

Then I followed that up with a brief video, showing my failed attempt to go up Tokyo Skytree.

As usual, Friday had the Retro Book Review, this time The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

And last, I talked about what would stop me from writing in Authors Answer.

On to my vlog channel now. I’m still behind in posting videos, but I’m attempting to catch up. Some videos are covering two to three days at times.

I had an issue with the internet one night, and complained about it in a vlog.

And then I did a lot of walking one day. Most of this vlog was outside.

And finally, my daughter had  performance at her Japanese school. Although I don’t show the performance, I talk a lot about it. And there’s a zamboni!

That’s it for this week! If you have a favourite video, please let me know in the comments section below. I also invite you to subscribe to my channels so you can see them as I upload them. Thanks for watching!

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