The Eureka Moment

Ever have that moment when “Eureka” is the most desirable thing to say? I did last night when I was trying to go to sleep.

Earlier in the day, I was thinking about my vlog channel. What should I do with it? The topics were repetitive. I needed to be more creative if the vlog is to succeed. And while I was recording something about watching Attack on Titan on Netflix, I talked about my past experience living in Japan. I thought about it for a while, and before sleeping, it came to me. Do the vlog in the point of view of someone who has returned to his home country after years in Japan. Do vlogs about adjusting to life in Canada. This will involve a lot of discussion about living in Japan and how it compares to Canada, as well as any difficulties I’ve had adjusting to Canada again.

This may appeal to people who live in Japan, as well as expats who plan to return to their home country, and former expats. I hope it’ll have a broader appeal, too.

But I don’t plan on having it all about Japan, but also about other things, such as travel, current events, and so on.

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

12 thoughts on “The Eureka Moment”

  1. I think it’s a great idea – thinking about something familiar from a different or new perspective. I used to do that in teaching and now I do it with writing. I call it “Objects in a Bag.”

      1. Excellent question, but no, no cowboy here. It comes from a board game we play in which pieces gets “stomped” (when one piece lands on the same space as another) and have to start back at the beginning. A friend of ours we play this game with is named Steve and we nicknamed him StomperSteve. I simply adapted to fit me 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 There’s going to be a bit of a gap on my vlog channel, though. I want to plan things out, and I was getting bored with daily vlogging. I really need a focus.

    1. Well, I should mention that the plans changed again 🙂 Vlog will be gone, changed to the planned science channel. This solves the monetization problem I had earlier this year for a third channel.

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