Authors Answer 110 – Book Trailers

Movies have trailers, right? Why not books? Well, they do. Some authors have trailers made for their books. But what exactly are they like? And should authors make them? This week, we talk about book trailers.

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 110: Have you ever made a book trailer? If so, share it! If not, what would you like to do for your trailer?

Tracey Lynn Tobin

I have not! In fact, until pretty recently I’d never even heard of a book trailer and had no idea how someone would go about making one. It was an odd concept to me when I first heard about it. If I did do a trailer for “Nowhere to Hide“, however, it would definitely be super-dramatic – the kind of trailer that blinks in and out of different scenes of the various characters looking horrified/ready for battle. And it would end with a shot of the main character’s back as she faced a long street covered in zombies. I can totally see it all in my head, but I’m not really sure how to describe it!

Gregory S. Close

I created a book trailer.  It’s pretty cheesy.  But I didn’t have the budget to put swords and magic and actors and what not (what not is especially pricey these days).

Cyrus Keith

My son made me one, as a matter of fact. Here it is: “Becoming NADIA” Book Trailer

Paul B. Spence

No, I haven’t. I’m not sure what I would for or with such a thing, but then, I am only ever annoyed what confronted with book trailers. A visual selling aid for a book seems strange.

Elizabeth Rhodes

I’ve never made one, and honestly never thought about it. If I were to try to make a trailer for Jasper, I’d probably have a character walking down the main street (possibly Dex on patrol?) And other main characters are seen on his route.  But I’m not sure,  and this is why I don’t make trailers.

Jean Davis

I have not made a book trailer. I’ve seen some interesting ones, but finding the faces of a real people to portray my characters is always something I’ve had difficulty with. If I had to put one together, I’d have to go with words and scenery I suppose.

Eric Wood

I’ve never made a book trailer. I actually had to look it up! I think I just spent an hour watching tons of them. This would be a neat school project. I would love to have kids make a video of their favorite books.

D. T. Nova

I haven’t.

It would probably be fairly minimalist, though. Partially by necessity, but for artistic reasons as well.

Beth Aman

Nope!  I’m actually not a huge fan of book trailers – I’d much rather read some reviews on Goodreads.  That being said, a book trailer for my novel would include dark, scary music, misty mountains, overgrown forests, and a touch of shimmering swords.  Then maybe some cloaked figures galloping by on horseback.  (I’m making this up as I go along; can you tell?)

C E Aylett

No. I never have and I don’t think I ever would. I mean, seems like a lot of effort and I’m not convinced it gives much in the way of ROI. Probably a fun thing to do, though. Maybe I’d do one for my online classes, but for a novel..? Just concentrate on the writing, I say. Trailers seem too gimmicky to me, and not necessarily a fair representation of the novel. I’ve never seen a book trailer that made me want to buy a book. Book blurb, yes. Trailer? Nuh-uh.

H. Anthe Davis

I would love to make a book trailer some day, but I don’t like the story-aggrandizing style of a lot of such marketing — I know, it’s weird, because that’s what marketing is FOR.  So I’d most likely have it as my main antagonist starting to describe the series as he sees it, then my protagonist interrupting with complaints and being flippantly brushed off by the antagonist…  That might work better for the later books, where they have that sort of banter regularly, but it exists (or at least the seed of it is there) from the first book, and I think it would be more fun than the standard.  The whole series is sort of a tug-of-war between them, so why not the book trailer?

Jay Dee Archer

I don’t have one. I don’t have a published book yet, either. But would I make one? I’m not sure, actually. However, I probably wouldn’t. If I do make one, for the first Ariadne novel, I would like to show a slowly rotating planet from low orbit and have words and music give it a feeling of adventure and exploration.

How about you?

If you’re an author, do you have a book trailer? Share it below! If not, what would you like to do for the book trailer? Let us know in the comments below.