Week in Review – December 11, 2016

Another week has gone, and another update. It’s been a week of offline events, including Christmas shopping and a kitchen changing from green to pink. But what else happened?


I read, but I didn’t record my progress. However, it wasn’t much. If I were to guess, I’m at about 13% done The Martian, by Andy Weir.


Nothing happened.


Here’s where I was busiest. On my main channel, I uploaded just 6 videos. Slightly less than usual. On my vlog channel, I uploaded 3 videos, so I’m still behind on this. However, I have done something that I will announce later in a video. I’ve reached a decision on my vlog channel to focus on a topic.


Nothing. Major revamp coming very soon!


Again, nothing.

The Blog

As I mentioned in the videos section, I had a big realisation for my vlog channel, so I wrote a post all about it. I’ve also started reviewing TV series other than Star Trek, with the first season of The Walking Dead.



The Next Week’s Goals

I don’t think there are any big goals for the week, but I do plan on getting a review or two done on the blog. Christmas is approaching, so my video posting will also be changing. Over the holidays, I’ll be working more and spending more time with my family. I won’t be posting as many videos.

How was your week?

One thought on “Week in Review – December 11, 2016”

  1. You asked “how was your week?” My week went well. On Wednesday, I attended a potluck dinner with a small group of friends. I took a few pictures to document the fact that I do have an a occasional social life. Thanks for asking and thanks for sharing.

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