WordPress Changes Things Again

A while back, WordPress completely changed the Stats page. The old stats page was still accessible, and I had it bookmarked. What I needed was the summaries page that gave me weekly, monthly, and yearly numbers, as well as daily averages for each month and a complete list of the month’s daily views. I use that for my Month in Review posts.

Well, that’s all gone, as far as I can tell. My bookmark just takes me to the newer stats page. However, I found a workaround that takes me to an even older stats page. Just go to the wp-admin page (That’s https:// (yourblog).wordpress.com/wp-admin/) and then Site Stats, and click on Summaries. That’s what I use, but it’s the old old version. It still works for me, though.

Another thing that’s disappeared is the Notifications page! I never liked using the Notifications menu (the button at the top right with the bell) because it never showed if I’d replied to the comment or not. The Notifications page showed me all of that, and it gave me a lot of options. But much to my surprise, the bell-button-notifications menu now gives me all those options and tells me if I’d replied! Okay, that is a step forward.

So, one step back for the stats, one step forward for the notifications. Unfortunately, WordPress is trying to cater more to mobile users than computer users. Mobile stats and other features are extremely limited, though. And I do not like writing posts with the app. Computer only.

Anyone else notice the changes? What do you think?

23 thoughts on “WordPress Changes Things Again”

  1. These weren’t as horrible as past improvements. I miss the little graph at the top that would take me directly to my stats. On an iPad (mobile to a degree) the little bell symbol won’t let you scroll down. The main page scrolls down instead now. (Underneath what you really want.)

  2. You’re right about the interface being for the mobile, but who in their right mind would /write/ a post on a mobile device? Read, yes. Post comments, yes, but actually write something that’s more than 2 sentences long? [that’s my limit, even with predictive text]. I think WP devs need to work out exactly what they want to achieve and whether it’s worth losing the pc market in the process.

    1. I can’t imagine writing a blog post on my phone. It’s so awkward, and I can’t do the editing I want. I can’t type quickly, either. I disregard people who say that tablets will replace laptop/desktop PCs. No, they won’t. They don’t have the same capabilities.

      1. I agree completely! The only way I can see us giving up the keyboard is if voice recognition software finally fulfils its promise.

        I wouldn’t mind dictating to a smart handheld ‘something’. 🙂

        Unfortunately, voice recognition has been in the works since the 80s and, imho, it still hasn’t made it.

        1. The way I talk, I doubt that voice recognition would work very well for me. I’d be kind of halting, I think. I tend to think more fluently than I speak.

  3. I hate the new stats page. It crashes my computer every time. And it’s not accurate – when I looked at my top-viewed posts of all time on there tonight, half of them were missing, including my “about” page and my top-viewed post. I found the other stats page via the admin before I read this. I’ll be looking at that from now on. UGH! I hate when they change things!

  4. So far I’m enjoying the Reader layout. For me there hasn’t been much change in the notifications and stats pages. The notifications has been showing me the different options for some time now.

  5. For me WP is crashing way too much now. I’m finding it harder on my laptop but on the phone things seem relatively easier. Though I prefer to post on my computer.

  6. Thanks for the tip to locating the old old stats. I dislike the mobile format and really hope to have access to the old page as long as it holds out.

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