Authors Answer Goes Big! Exciting!

I never thought this would happen. When I started Authors Answer, I thought I’d have a series of posts that people would enjoy reading and find informative and interesting. Now that I’m posting number 112 tomorrow, I’ve found it amazing that I’ve kept it going for so long. Can you believe it’s been going for 112 consecutive weeks?

Earlier this year, I started answering the questions on YouTube. I started off with question 1, and am now about to post number 25 tomorrow. Here’s my first one:

This was early in my booktube video-making days, so I was pretty awkward and my editing wasn’t very good. I’ve improved.

However, three weeks ago, something happened. Two people started answering the questions. First was Amy Tasukada:

And soon after that was Maya Goode:

And then it exploded. Since then, four more have done videos and one is already on question 3 (Ben Sanders). Here are the others who have done the first question. Here’s Ben Sanders:

Here’s Kelly Willard:

And most recently, Bookish at Heart:

Another is PaganPages, who is tackling them in a different order. She’s picking a choosing. Here was her first:

How many more will be doing this? I know some others have said they plan to make videos, so I’m pretty excited to find out how many.

I suggest you subscribe to their channels if you’d like to see more of their answers.