Schedule Disruptions Continue

It’s still the holiday season, especially at work. I work six days this week, so I haven’t had as much time as usual at home. I’ve also been working a lot of evenings, which is different than usual. Unfortunately, this has led to some disruptions to my schedule already this month.

I said I’d be doing two posts a day this month, but I missed one yesterday. I worked late, and didn’t have much time to do my second post. I also haven’t had time to record videos as usual. I have to actually sacrifice my regular Retro Book Review that I’d normally post tomorrow. I may still do it on Saturday, meaning two videos that day. But I also work on Saturday, so we’ll see.

Next week, I’m free all week. My daughter goes back to school, both Kindergarten and Japanese school. Since I have this free time, I’ll be doing several things:

  • Regular videos, possibly getting ahead of schedule.
  • Getting my science channel under way, probably posting the channel trailer at the end of the week.
  • Lots of book reviews for the blog.
  • Playing NHL 17 on the Xbox.

The last one is just for my own enjoyment, of course.

I’m thinking about getting back to doing Quick Facts for the moons of the solar system, as well. I have my job to thank for the inspiration to get back to it.

In case you’re wondering about the videos I’ll be doing for my science channel, I have a few things planned:

  • Weekly science news (this will include astronomy news and more, as well as weekly facts, such as world population updates)
  • Weekly science videos (I will focus on astronomy at first, but expand to other sciences later)
  • Raw science news updates for any big news that I want to report about right away. These will be kind of rough videos with little editing.

To do these videos, I need to get to work on using a new video editor that allows me to do video overlays and picture in picture video. I’m going to install it soon.

Anything you’re looking forward to?