Week in Review – January 8, 2016

What a busy week it’s been. I worked six days, and I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to do everything. I had resolved to do something, and I already failed. But it’s not that important. More on that in the blog section.


I finished reading The Martian, and I’ll be starting Animal Farm, by George Orwell (why do I keep wanting to type Orson Welles? He was an actor!). That book will be very quick to read.


I’d said I’d do 15 minutes of writing a day, but I haven’t yet. Just felt too busy in the past week.


Wow. I missed two days of videos. I didn’t have time to record my regular weekly Retro Book Review or Authors Answer videos. I posted 6 videos on my main channel, though. Also, a couple hours ago, I uploaded a video about the YouTube subscriber glitch. I already have 38 views, which is probably the fastest I’ve seen one of my videos gain views (other than the thunderstorm ones from last summer).

My vlog channel will have to be called my science channel in a week. I have a video to edit and upload, but I think I’ll do that tomorrow.


Nothing. Major revamp coming very soon!


Again, nothing.

The Blog

I said I’d get back to doing two posts a day. Well, that lasted three days. I am getting a post a day done, though. I will stick with that at least, and make two posts a day as often as I can. As far as stats are going, this month has improved drastically so far. That’s good.



The Next Week’s Goals

I have the week off work, so I’ll be doing a lot of videos and blog posts. However, I have a big Netflix deadline. I’m watching Attack on Titan, and have 15 episodes to watch in the next 24 hours. It’s being taken off Netflix on the 10th! Got to get to it.

I’ll also be working on a few book reviews. Hoping to get them done. And as far as videos go, I’ll be working on the science channel’s channel trailer, as well as one for my main channel. You see, I’m going to start doing movie and TV reviews, as well. First one is coming tomorrow!

How was your week?

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