Week in Review – January 22, 2017

Another slow week in some respects, but I felt pretty busy. It was back to school for my daughter, and she’s started doing something: reading! She’s now learning to read words, rather than just letters. And she’s learning quickly. I’m impressed. I can’t wait until she can read a book all by herself. So, what else happened?


I finally started reading Animal Farm by George Orwell, and I was able to finish 47% of it in one day. I think I’ll finish it this week easily. With two books finished this year, I’ll be ahead of my monthly goal by one.


Although not writing, I’ve been preparing to work on some world building.


I only uploaded three videos on my main channel, but I’ve returned to my normal video-making pace this weekend. I’ve also announced that I’ll be working on world building videos. I’m still trying to figure out the new video editor.


Nothing. Major revamp coming very soon!


Nothing, but feeling motivated to work on Japanese, French, and Norwegian. Yes, Norwegian.

The Blog

Nothing special in the past week, but continuing with once a day posting. I’m also keeping a very close eye on my stats. You see, I’m approaching a huge milestone. I may achieve it before the end of the month. However, when I resumed twice a day posting, my stats returned to what they were before. Back to once a day, and it’s slowed down again. It’s all about the number of posts, it seems. But also how much I use social media and comment on other blogs. Must get back to work on that!



The Next Week’s Goals

Catch up on social media for both videos and the blog. Keep up to date on comments, and comment on other blogs. I need to do that all again. Also, I intend on doing a Star Trek Project post, as well as the Argentina book post. And more!

How was your week?