What’s Going on Inside My Head

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about recently:

  • My daughter read her first book by herself. This is actually pretty exciting for me.
  • I worry about the future of science in the US.
  • Climate change is real. Stop trying to hide it.
  • I wonder which team will draft me when I finish this season in the OHL in NHL 17 in Be a Pro mode.
  • This had me laughing my ass off.
  • Tomorrow is my daughter’s 5th birthday. This weekend will be the first time that we have a birthday party for her and invited friends. I wonder how it’ll go.
  • What should I watch on Netflix?
  • I loved the school group that came through at work yesterday. Amazing kids.
  • I miss Japan.

What have you been thinking about recently?

10 thoughts on “What’s Going on Inside My Head”

  1. Just read your country’s Sierra Club news and another march for the climate and environmental justice on April 29 th. the rest of the world needs to know where most Americans stand on this one! A world of natural beauty and biodiversity for our daughters!

    1. As I said on Twitter the other day, the reason I make comments about current politics is because the policies and decisions will have far-reaching effects in the world. I’m a citizen of the earth first and foremost. I want a good future for my daughter.

      1. Indeed we all need to be friends and protectors of the earth. Unfortunately or fortunately I think the whole world is now following the development of American politics at the moment. Perhaps the immigration issue is creating the fog for the assault on the environment

        1. Everyone is focusing on the wrong things, I think. A lot of the terrorism problems are the direct result of the US’s interference in those countries. But other countries aren’t innocent, either. We need to focus on making the world better, not fighting or trying to offend others.

  2. Those were hilarious! I’m thinking about all this stupid rain we’re getting. I’d rather it be snow. Happy early birthday to your daughter! Her party will be a blast 😀

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