Week in Review – January 29, 2017

The past week has been busy. Not so much online, but there was a lot in my personal life. This includes my daughter’s birthday in the middle of the week and her birthday party today. And this blog had a huge milestone.


I almost finished Animal Farm, by George Orwell. I’m at 92% done, and I’ll easily finish it tomorrow. Then it’s on to a new book, Theft of Swords, by Michael J. Sullivan.


I didn’t get anything done, unfortunately.


It was an odd week for videos. I actually recorded 6 videos for my main channel, but only uploaded 3. I will be uploading the remaining 3 this week, as wel as recording new ones. I still haven’t done the new channel trailers, though.


Nothing. Major revamp coming very soon!


I need to get back to work on languages.

The Blog

100,000 views! I reached that huge milestone today, actually. It’s hard to imagine that number of people. Of course, it’s the number of views, not number of people who read my posts. But still, amazing!



The Next Week’s Goals

Get back on track with everything, especially since the month is ending and another is beginning. I need to get caught up with comments and social media. I want February to get off to a great start in all aspects.

How was your week?