Month in Review – January 2017

The first month of the year was a decent one. But it wasn’t what I expected. What was supposed to be a two post a day month turned into a post a day again. But despite that, the numbers have increased. And the blog reached a major milestone. January ended with 1,686 followers, an increase of 27.

January Stats

January’s numbers saw an improvement over the previous three months. That was nice to see. The average number of views per day was 78, which was better than the last three months of the year. Only 5 out of 31 days reached 100 views, which is better than December. The best day was January 4th with 127 views. The total number of views in January was 2,426, the 28th month in a row over 2,000. January ended with 100,243 views, passing 100,000 views. There were 34 posts in January, bringing it to a total of 2,206.

In December, there were 198 comments, which was slightly higher than December. That brings it to a total of 16,884.

The top ten countries were:

  1. United States (1,285 views)
  2. Canada (220 views)
  3. United Kingdom (124 views)
  4. India (110 views)
  5. Australia (105 views)
  6. Japan (94 views)
  7. Germany (42 views)
  8. France (30 views)
  9. Jamaica (26 views)
  10. Netherlands (24 views)

Top Posts

The top five posts of January were:

  1. Authors Answer 116 – Writing the Opposite Sex (54 views)
  2. Hit By the YouTube Subscriber Glitch (51 views)
  3. Authors Answer 115 – Common Mistakes by New Authors (35 views)
  4. Authors Answer 114 – 2017 Writing Plans (29 views)
  5. Authors Answer 117 – Difficult and Easy Scenes to Write (26 views)

The most popular post written before January was once again, INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality. It had 122 views.

Older posts remain popular, especially reviews of Shakespearean plays. The newer posts were slow again, thanks to my inability to keep up on social media again. My fault. The beginning of the month was actually quite strong, but it slowed down as I fell behind. As a result, several posts had fewer views than normal. Here are the ones which underperformed and I think you should check out.


Nothing, except movie and TV reviews. Must get the book reviews done!

Social Media

On Twitter, I have 3,671 followers, which is a decrease of 3.  I follow 3,684, which is unchanged from last month. I haven’t been particularly active with following on Twitter. I finished with 10,180 tweets, with 149 coming in January. I was actually most active in the second half of the month.

On YouTube, I uploaded 12 videos in January. Very slow month. I have 366 subscribers, which is an increase of 24 from last month.  The month ended with 24,627 views, which is an increase of 1,912, despite the lower number of videos. Some of my older videos are actually remaining popular and ranking well in searches.

On Facebook, my author page has 84 followers, which is unchanged

On Patreon, I have 0 patrons contributing $0 per month. I don’t expect much until I really start to promote it.

Looking Ahead to February

I expect a better month in terms of blog posts, social media, and videos. I felt less motivation during the weeks after Christmas. I’ve been feeling a lot more motivation recently, so I’m hoping to get a lot done, including:

  • World Building posts and videos
  • Keeping up on social media
  • Keeping up with comments
  • New channel trailers for both of my videos
  • Science videos coming up!
  • Book reviews
  • More movie and TV reviews
  • More Star Trek!

There’s a lot to do, but I think I can do it. I’m looking forward to seeing what February brings!

5 thoughts on “Month in Review – January 2017”

    1. The blog still gains followers faster on average, I think. But we’ll see. I think the science channel will have a far better potential to gain subscribers.

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