Authors Answer 118 – Bonbon Journey

It’s back! This month, we’ll be doing some more fun book summaries where we get to test our authors’ creativity. We take a title, then give it a genre and setting, and write a summary of the book. It’s a lot of fun.

And this is interactive. You get to vote on your favourite! So, please read the summaries and choose the one you’d love to read.

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 118 – Bonbon Journey

Jean Davis

Follow chocolate lover, Charlene Taylor, on her world tour of confectionary bliss in this food travel guide. Bonbon Journey is sure to make your mouth water with the stunning photography and vivid descriptions of the words greatest bonbons and other rich chocolate treats.

Cyrus Keith

Genre: Romantic comedy

Setting: The Rhine River, 1890’s

Summary: A young, eligible (but determinedly single) heiress to a once-great chocolate empire embarks on a river tour of Switzerland and Germany. Accompanied by her best friend (and personal assistant) Sylvia, she tours various chocolatiers along the way to revamp her failing company’s fortunes with new products. A steward aboard the ship falls for her, and with Sylvia’s help, hilarity and romance ensue.

C E Aylett

Bonbon Voyage – The Sugar Wars of the Caribbean

Historical dynasty fiction set in the Caribbean.

She’s the daughter of the most ruthless sugar baron of all the islands. When the estate is abruptly bequeathed to her, she refuses to rule the plantation with an iron fist, just as her father once did. Her lone vulnerability soon makes her a target and she finds herself caught between European powers with no allies. All she has are the slaves whom her father mistreated, none of whom trust their colonial masters, even if she does wear a dress.

He’s a ‘privateer’, one of many pirates sanctioned by the British government to conquer the monarch’s first ‘jewel in the crown’ against Europe’s warring factions. Set loose upon the Caribbean seas with the royal seal, he seems at liberty to fill his coffers with sugar and gold any which way he is able and kill whomever he wants.

As the sugar wars reach their climax, with every major European navy threatening to destroy them and their enterprises, the last thing either of them expect is a piracy-slavery alliance. Suddenly, there’s a new power at sea, and it might just tip the balance.

Paul B. Spence

Genre: Paranormal Romance Horror

Setting: A tropical island, modern times.

Synopsis: It was supposed to just be a three hour cruise, but the storm shipwrecked them on the small tropical island. At first things were fine, they had little to do but while the hours away in pleasurable dalliance, but then the unthinkable happened. One by one the survivors were being hunted down and slain, eaten. Was there some supernatural force on the island, or was there a darker secret? Was it one of the seemingly innocent crew or passengers? Jen was terrified it might be one of her friends or lovers, but what if it was worse than that? What if it was Jen?

Tracey Lynn Tobin

Genre: Chick Lit

Setting: A Bakery Shop

Summary: After losing everything she owned in a fire started by her crazy ex-boyfriend, Sasha has to move back to her hometown with her parents. There she gets a part-time job at one of the only choices available – a small bakery – and learns a great deal about herself as she learns how to create the most delicious of sweets and treats.

Beth Aman

Genre: Sci-Fi

Setting: The galaxy of Bonbon

Summary: When 17-year-old human Jack Stevonson gets kidnapped from earth, he awakes to find himself in a world stranger than his wildest dreams.  And the most frightening part isn’t the blue, 8-legged aliens, or their strange obsession with food – no, it’s that humans sell as collectibles on the intergalactic black market.  Jack will have to use all of his cunning and wit if he ever wants to get home alive and in one piece.

Eric Wood

Children’s book

A brother and sister move to the city of Sugarville and open a produce stand. There is a city wide power outage and people have to rely on the only thing made without using electricity – produce. Can two kids feed the city and save it’s citizens?

D. T. Nova

Genre: Children’s fantasy

Setting: A world made of sweets

Summary: Anthropomorphic candy people travel to the chewy center of their candy land (no, not that one). By the end, a bitter rival has gotten his just desserts, and our heroes have learned just how sweet life can be.

Gregory S. Close

Setting: Alternate History, Genre: Steampunk

Emperor Justinian’s twin heirs, en route to important peace talks between the warring factions of Rome, have disappeared along with their airship over Northern Africa.  Now, if falls to the Kingdom of Aksum to find the missing children or the fragile peace of the last five years could crumble.  With it’s navy occupied in a stand off with the Sassanid Empire, only a few airships can make it to the area in time – and only one, the Astar’s Daughter, is captained by Cush, a retired naval officer and hero of the Carthaginian War.

Cush has the experience.  Cush has the strength.  Cush has the cunning.  But Cush no longer commands a warship – now, he is captain of a freighter that brings frozen delicacies to the far corners of the continent, a circuitous and dangerous route known as the Bonbon Journey.  With a hold full of ice cream, a crew desperate for a payday, and an airship that’s seen better days, Cush will have to pull off the most daring rescue of his life to save the world from another devastating war… before his cargo melts.

Jay Dee Archer

Genre: Children’s book series

Setting: Europe

Summary: Join Hans, Marie, Ingrid, and Petr on their adventures around Europe, making friends in local candy shops as they battle the Bitter Boys, misguided teenagers who hate everything sugary. Can they show the boys the error of their ways? Can they protect Europe’s traditional bonbons? Only Hans can unite bitter and sweet with his secret weapon: chocolate!

How about you?

Now it’s your turn. Choose a book that you think should be written. Which best fits the title “Bonbon Journey” in your mind? Vote below, then leave a comment explaining your choice.

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