Commentition Funny February 2017

Another month has gone, and we have another Commentition! And amazingly, the standings in this month’s Commentition have changed! There’s a newcomer. It’s interesting when some bloggers come in unexpectedly and make the top six. Wondering who it is? Well, check it out!

The top six commenters are based on the previous 1000 comments, nearly half of which are mine.  The rest go to all of you commenters.  431 were my comments, the rest went to others.  So here are the top six:

1. In first place, retaining her top spot is Miriam with 83 comments! But just barely. It’s usually her or stomperdad, and you’ll see where he is soon. Miriam’s latest blog post shows a lot of reflection. Check out Mirror of my thoughts.

2. Coming in second, it’s none other than stomperdad! There was no doubt about it. He followed up very closely with 81 comments. His latest post is the always popular series where he gets his kids to ask him questions. Take a look at Go Ask Your Father: Fat Lips, Vision, AEDs, and Undertows.

3. And then in third place, it’s another person who hasn’t moved at all. It’s Sharon Hart (now curioushart) with 49 comments! Her latest post is a bit of flash fiction. Check out Titled, Untitled, Entitled.

4. It seems that no one’s changing places. But just wait, you’ll see soon! In fourth place, with no movement at all, it’s Thomas Weaver with 43 comments! His latest post is another in his very long series of grammar mistakes. Take a look at Writing Glitch #309.

5. Finally, a bit of change! This time, it’s the return of Authors Answer contributor D. T. Nova with 22 comments! His latest post is all about GoBots and other robots! I used to play with GoBots. Check out GoBots wiki!

6. And in 6th place, it’s a newcomer to the list! It’s J. R. Handley of jrhandleyblog with 19 comments! His latest post shows us an indie sci-fi film. I enjoy watching those kinds of films. They can be very interesting, and they’re easy to watch in a short sitting. Take a look at Indie SciFy Video #2.

Nice to see more variety recently. That means you can check out a new blog or two! I want to thank everyone who comments on this blog. I love the community that’s developed here, and I really enjoy reading your comments. You’re great! Keep on commenting, and we’ll see how things are in a month!

11 thoughts on “Commentition Funny February 2017”

  1. Thank you, too, for writing interesting articles. When I comment on a blog, it’s because something has sparked the grey cells into action and they want to be heard.

  2. HI JD…jt a note to say that I’ still around, even though I a slacker when it comes to keeping up with my blog visits lately. I just got a new computer and printer, AND a great new camera that I have yet to use. I’ll try to do better! 🙂

            1. Hy JD! I had trouble getting new photos out of the camera onto position where I could insert them to posts…but they seem to have fixed it and now it works better than ever…..I ask them please please please don’t fix it when it ain’t broke!

            2. do you remember my lake-fill project photos I copied from snapshots? Well I found the original slides, thought I’d update the post…thought of you when I found them.

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