Week in Review – February 12, 2017

My cold got worse, then it got better. But that’s how it goes, right? But big things have been happening in the past week. Something new is coming very soon!


I’ve made a little progress reading, but not much. I’m now at 7% in Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan. I’ll be taking the bus more this week, so I expect more.


No writing, but I’m working on some world building. And that’s another story for another section below.


There’s been an improvement here. On my main channel, I posted 3 videos. However, there’s a big video coming this week. My first world building video! My science channel is coming around, as well. No videos yet, but I’ve got my channel trailer planned, and I’ll also be doing a lot of videos in April for the A to Z Challenge.


Nothing. Major revamp coming very soon!


Nothing, but I noticed that Japanese is finally going to be coming on Duolingo.

The Blog

Like I mentioned before, I’ll be doing the A to Z Challenge in April, and my focus will be on science. I’ll be doing a 10 facts list for each science topic, plus videos that’ll be on my science channel.



The Next Week’s Goals

I should have 6 videos going up on my main channel this week, and I plan on making the channel trailer for my science channel. On the blog, the usual will be happening, but I’d like to do another Read the World post, as well as more Star Trek.

How was your week?


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