Week in Review – March 5, 2017

Science has begun! I’m also getting the hang of using Filmora to edit videos. I like it, but my computer isn’t powerful enough to do all my editing with it. I can cut clips, but the video becomes accelerated around the cuts. It looks weird. I still use Windows Movie Maker for that, then use Filmora for overlays and picture in picture. It’s working out fine for now.


I’m now at 39% in Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan. I’m making pretty good progress now. I’m hoping to get to around 50% this week.


Nothing happening.


On my main channel, I uploaded 3 new videos. I missed one because I was too busy.

My science channel now has 3 videos! It’s still right at the beginning, so the following is pretty small. I’m expecting a couple videos this week.


Completely updated. It now has all new reward levels and information. I don’t expect much for a bit, at least not until I have a lot of good quality videos and more subscribers.


Nothing in the past week.

The Blog

I made it to 2,000 views in February! So, the streak continues. Hoping for a better month in March.



The Next Week’s Goals

I have an uncertain week. I know what my schedule is, but things can change. However, I do plan on having a few videos in the second half of the week. Also, blogging will continue as always.

How was your week?