Commentition Mercurial March 2017

It’s been 28 days since the last Commentition. With a shorter time comes a smaller difference from the previous month. How does that affect the standings this month? Let’s find out!

The top six commenters are based on the previous 1000 comments, nearly half of which are mine.  The rest go to all of you commenters.  421 were my comments, the rest went to others.  So here are the top six:

1. We already have a change! Back in first place is stomperdad with 89 comments! In his latest blog post, he’s sharing a lot. Check out Sunday Share Week 11.

2. In second place, dropping down from first last month is Miriam! She had 82 comments. Her latest post is all about nature and a sheep. Take a look at A wish to Grow and Bloom.

3. Coming in third place, unchanged from last month is curioushart with 62 comments! In her most recent post, she shares with us an excerpt from Virginia Woolf. Check out Virginia Woolf ~ “The Mark” Part 1.

4. And then, in fourth place, we have another person who’s unchanged. With 44 comments, it’s Thomas Weaver! His ongoing series about grammar and writing mistakes continues with his latest post, Writing Glitch #341.

5. Coming in at fifth place is someone who also hasn’t moved at all. It’s D. T. Nova with 26 comments! He’s a regular reblogger of Authors Answer, and that’s what he’s done most recently. It’s Authors Answer 123 – Should You Write What You Know?

6. And finally, in sixth place, do we have someone new? It’s another person who’s unchanged! With 17 comments, it’s jrhandleyblog! His latest post is an interesting reblog. Take a look at Drumroll…BookBub results! Spoiler…they are awesome!

Thank you everyone for all your comments! It was a slower month, but I’ve been a bit slower due to various reasons. I’m expecting an interesting month coming up, especially with the A to Z Challenge. As always, your comments are part of why I love blogging. I’m looking forward to the next month!

12 thoughts on “Commentition Mercurial March 2017”

        1. April was very slow, too. But since I started posting a bit more normally again, I’m getting a lot more views. Interesting. It could also be that people keep reading my posts about Mt Etna and Justin Trudeau, leaving insulting comments. I’ll have to reply to them.

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