Week in Review – April 30, 2017

Week in review? More like four weeks in review. What a month it’s been. I didn’t expect to catch a very strong cold that sapped my energy, then have to work for 10 straight days, most of which was very physical. That’s done for a while now, though. So, here’s what’s happened!


I got up to 79% in Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan. I didn’t read nearly as much as I should have. I was tired. A lot.


Very tired. I couldn’t do any.


I didn’t have time or the energy to do much in the way of videos. I made no videos for my main channel. However, there were 5 new videos on my science channel. I was going to do the A to Z Challenge, but that obviously got interrupted.


Nothing yet, but with the way the past month went, I didn’t expect anything.


I studied a little French, but not much.

The Blog

I’m very interested in seeing the stats for the Month in Review post coming soon. Lots of comments and views on a couple of my more controversial posts, one about Justin Trudeau, and one about the Mt. Etna meme that likes about the amount of CO2 the volcano releases in relation to the world’s CO2 production. I’ve been insulted. I have yet to respond.

Also, the A to Z Challenge was interrupted, as I mentioned before.



The Next Week’s Goals

Make sure my science blog is updated. Also, get to work on a lot of videos, catch up on comments, and actually work toward completing the A to Z Challenge. I should mention that we’re going to Japan in a month, so I need to work on getting my daughter’s passport done, but we need a document for that. Just waiting for it now.

How was your week?