Month in Review – April 2017

A bad cold and a lot of work resulted in a terrible month for blogging. The A to Z Challenge sputtered out at the letter D (I did record E, though!). So, how did it affect the stats? Surprisingly, it was better than expected. The month ended with 1,730 followers, an increase of just 9.

April Stats

April’s numbers were the lowest in a very long time. The average number of views per day is slightly lower than March. The average number of views per day was 63, the lowest in the past year. Despite that, 5 out of 30 days reached 100 views, which is better than expected. The best day was April 30th with 213 views. The total number of views in April was 1,896, ending the streak with months of more than 2,000 views at 30 months. April ended with 106,184 views. There were 14 posts in April, bringing it to a total of 2,271.

In April, there were 80 comments, which was extremely low thanks to a lack of posts. That brings it to a total of 17,212.

The top ten countries were:

  1. United States (786 views)
  2. Canada (578 views)
  3. United Kingdom (81 views)
  4. India (75 views)
  5. Australia (38 views)
  6. Japan (34 views)
  7. Jamaica (19 views)
  8. Philippines (18 views)
  9. Norway (17 views)
  10. France (14 views)

Top Posts

The top five posts of April were:

  1. Authors Answer 127 – Writing Novels for TV Series and Movies (32 views)
  2. Authors Answer 128 – Ghostwriting (31 views)
  3. I’m Back! (30 views)
  4. Authors Answer 129 – Genres Helping Other Genres (29 views)
  5. C Is for Canada Goose (23 views)

The most popular post made before April was To Those Who Blame Justin Trudeau for CPP Investment in Mumbai with 483 views.

Wow. The Justin Trudeau post I made more than a year ago exploded, receiving a quarter of all views on this blog in April. As for April’s posts, Authors Answer has been the leader again. Here are some posts that didn’t do as well, but you should read.

Social Media

On Twitter, I have 3,620 followers, which is a decrease of 32.  I follow 3,684, which is a decrease of 3. I haven’t been particularly active with following on Twitter. I finished with 10,463 tweets, with 55 coming in April.

On YouTube, I uploaded 1 video in April. It was a terrible month for videos, as I was extremely busy. I have 420 subscribers, which is an increase of 18 from last month.  The month ended with 29,298 views, which is an increase of 1,599, which was actually higher than March. More regular uploading should happen in May.

On Facebook, my author page has 87 followers, which is up by 1.

On Patreon, I have 0 patrons contributing $0 per month. I’ll be promoting it more this month.

Looking Ahead to May

I have a lot to do in May. I plan on catching up on the A to Z Challenge for the blog, as well as my science channel on YouTube. Catching up on comments is a priority, as well. I’m hoping May will be a complete turnaround from the last couple months. I shouldn’t be getting sick again. Work is quiet for the month, so I have a lot more free time than I’d like.

May should be a good month for the blog!

3 thoughts on “Month in Review – April 2017”

  1. Crazy! You stopped at D. Posted nothing. I posted every day and you still have more views than me! Congrats on maintaining numbers without posting.

    1. I would have to thank viral posts from months ago. Every so often, my Justin Trudeau and CPP post gains a lot of views. My Mt. Etna and CO2 post also gets me a lot of views.

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