Getting Back to Work! The Jay Dee Show 28

After my big and unexpected break, I got back to work on doing videos. Well, I did get a couple up. I’ll be getting another couple up over the next day or so. In the past week, I uploaded two videos to my main channel. My science channel, nothing yet, but I have something to edit and post.

On my main channel, I posted a couple videos that are completely related to each other. The first is all about why I disappeared. I called it “I’m Back! Part 1.” Enjoy!

The second video I uploaded is Part 2. But this one features my extremely silly daughter. I also talked about my plans for May.

As for my science channel, expect the next A to Z Challenge video soon. That’s also a blog post.

So, did you enjoy the two videos? Let me know in the comments section below.


One thought on “Getting Back to Work! The Jay Dee Show 28”

  1. I understand your concerns about going back. As I mentioned to you, I returned to China last month, after spending over a year in USA. I wondered if things had changed much, but really a year is not that much. I found things to be quite similar (unfortunately that includes pollution and poor internet), but its the same old China I am used to :). Luckily, I kept studying Chinese via private lessons in USA, so I was still used to the language.

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