Week in Review – May 8, 2017

I’ve been fairly productive in the past week, though not so much online. Other aspects of life have been receiving a lot of attention. But let’s find out what’s been going on.


Still at 79% in Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan. I didn’t read in the past week. I’m going to set aside some time after my daughter’s asleep at night to read.


Like reading, I may try do some writing in the living room at night. It’s about the only place and time I can do it.


I uploaded two videos to my main channel, but none for my science channel. I have two videos recorded for my main channel and one for my science channel. I’ll be getting plenty of recording done over the next three days for both channels.


Nothing yet. I need to think of a strategy, as well as promote my science channel much more.


I studied a little more French. I should try spend about 15 minutes a day on this.

The Blog

Things have returned to almost normal. I’ve been posting far more regularly. Hoping to get back to daily posting after our trip to Japan.



The Next Week’s Goals

I’ll be getting more work done on the A to Z Challenge, which has already ended. I still plan to complete it, as it’s some quick and informative content for my science channel. I’ll also be doing a lot more watching and reviewing of Star Trek. Expect more very soon!

How was your week?


One thought on “Week in Review – May 8, 2017”

  1. Thanks for asking. My week was great. I got my first two book reviews on Amazon, and they were both four stars. What’s interesting is that I don’t know who the reviewers are; I had assumed my first reviews would come from my friends. One of the reviews is quite lengthy and reads like it was written by a literature professor. Very pleased.

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