Week in Review – May 14, 2017

Things seem to be getting back to something that resembles normal. Not quite at a post every day, but I think I’ll try get back to doing that in July. Videos are doing better. So, how was my week?


Still at 79% in Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan. I think I’ll read for a few minutes tonight!


I think I’ll try writing for 10 to 15 minutes a night this week!


Well, what do you know? I posted more videos than last week. I have 3 new videos on my main channel, but nothing on my science channel yet. I’m going to be doing a vlog on my science channel, which I think I’ll do somewhat regularly. But it’s definitely related to science and the channel.


Nothing yet. Still need to promote and grow my science channel first. Then this will grow.


I studied a tiny bit of French, but it was mainly just review of something I already know.

The Blog

I must do a better job at promoting the blog via social media. I keep getting behind. I also missed doing Commentition for the second month in a row. But that has a lot to do with not keeping up with comments. I need to improve that.



The Next Week’s Goals

More videos, regular blog posts. Expect more Star Trek posts. Also expect a return of Japan videos. I’d love to get those done. There’s a lot of work I have to do, but I won’t commit to doing a ton of work this week. It’s just two weeks until we go to Japan, and then blogging will almost completely stop during that period.

How was your week?