Paul B. Spence

“I’m a mouse in a mechanical man’s body.” Okay, that was Pinky and the Brain, not me.

I am a writer, archaeologist, anthropologist, and geologist. I currently live in New Mexico, where all the cool kids hang out, with too many cats (if there is such a thing).

Like most authors, I’ve had an eclectic career path. I’ve worked as a retail gofer, a food service monkey, brute laborer, a rennie, a writer for the RPG industry, and many other rewarding jobs that didn’t pay enough to feed me or my cats.

I really love archaeology, and no, I haven’t found any tombs with ancient evils lurking. I plan to keep it that way.

I will not dig on Mars, and I will NOT go to Z’ha’dum.

Find Paul here:

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