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Dreaming of an Exo-Planetary Sunset

Here on Earth, we can get some spectacular sunsets.  Just look at this.


That’s Mt. Fuji behind the Tanzawa Mountains.  I can see this view often.  Nice, isn’t it?

But with all the work I’ve been doing on Ariadne recently, I’ve been thinking about what it would really look like on another planet.  Check out some of this art here. And here, too. There’s some great looking art there.  I wish I could do that.  I’ll be doing sketches, but nothing like that.

What would Ariadne’s sunset look like?

Writers, Do You Also Do Art?

I’m curious about this.  If you’re a writer, do you also like to do your own art?  For example, character art, scenery, buildings, and even cover art.

I consider myself to be pretty decent at drawing, so I can do a lot of my own conceptual art, though I’m awful at doing faces.  I’m much better at landscapes, buildings, and still life.  I can also draw animals and plants fairly well.  But I always have trouble with people.  I’m good with pencils, but terrible with paint.  I also haven’t had much experience with digital art, as I prefer good old paper and pencil.  I will be doing a lot of art for my books, except for people.

If you can do art, what do you like to draw?

Art and Writing

Writing and drawing are two very different forms of art, one conveying a story through the written word, the other showing a single moment in the form of a picture.  I wonder how many people can do both.

When I was a kid, I used to draw a lot.  I loved to draw.  I drew birds, dinosaurs, and nature.  In junior high school, I took art class, and I attempted portrait drawings and still life.  In high school, there was more still life and a focus on perspective.  I found that my strengths were in animals, scenery, and still life.  My weakness was portraits.  I think my best drawings to date are a full-sized common loon, a crushed Coke can, and my shoe.  My worst drawing was my classmate’s portrait.

In recent years, I haven’t done much in the way of drawing.  I did draw my wife’s dog (later our dog), and it turned out quite well.  But I’ve been feeling the art bug lately.  There are a lot of things I’d like to draw.

Here in Japan, there are a lot of scenic spots, and I’d love to draw some old buildings, such as temples and shrines, as well as other street scenes.  I want to practice drawing for another purpose, and that is for Ariadne’s artwork.  You see, in addition to all the maps I’ll be drawing, I want to do concept sketches for spacecraft, aerial views of towns and cities, landmark buildings, animals, and plants.  That’s a lot to do, and I intend to put them up on my official author’s website.  All of them will be pencil drawings, as that’s what I’m most comfortable with.  What you won’t see is colour drawings.  If I ever make a book with my sketches for Ariadne, they would definitely be in black and white.

If you write, can you also draw?

How Creative Can You Be?

I like to write.  It’s probably my biggest passion at the moment, even though I seem to have little time for it these days.  However, I have other creative outlets available to me.  While I enjoy writing, it wasn’t my first artistic venture.

When I was a kid, I loved drawing.  I drew mainly animals and landscapes, and as the years went on into junior high and high school, my art became more realistic.  My specialty was pencil drawing.  I sketched a lot.  I didn’t paint, nor do I have a desire to.  I’m far more interested in doing pencil drawings, and I plan to do plenty for Ariadne, including landscapes (city aerial drawings), buildings, animals, and plants.  I don’t do people, though.  While I can do a decent job with faces, I really can’t get the eyes right.  Other than that, I’m pretty confident about my ability for realism.

Another creative hobby of mine is photography.  I really enjoy taking pictures of nearly anything I see.  I put most of my photography on couple of blogs, my Japan blog (although I haven’t done many photos on there lately) and my iPhone photography blog (which I haven’t done a good enough job at updating daily).  Go ahead and check them out.  I need to do some maintenance with the photo blog, though.  For some reason, photos no longer appear on the main page, though they do on their individual posts.

What are your creative abilities?

Happy Little Cloud

One of my childhood memories is of watching Bob Ross on TV painting landscapes and scenery.  He was always so calm and kind sounding, and very positive.  I found it relaxing to watch his show.  I enjoyed his art, too.  I thought I’d share some short videos I found of him on YouTube.

Here he is painting a happy little cloud.

Here he is doing one of my favourite things, painting mountains.

I like art a lot, and Bob Ross is actually one of the artists who encouraged my interest.  I even drew pictures with pencil crayons using his method of painting evergreen trees.

Anyone else enjoy Bob Ross?  Do you have a favourite artist?

Getting Back Into Art

As a kid, I loved to draw pictures.  I drew a lot, mostly animals, sometimes scenery.  I enjoyed watching Bob Ross on TV.  I liked looking at Robert Bateman paintings.  They covered the two styles of painting I like.

Now, I’m not good at painting, nor do I really want to paint.  However, what I like is pencil drawings. I prefer realism.  I haven’t done much drawing in recent years, but I did a lot in school.  I have recently drawn our old dog’s picture, though.

I’m planning to get back into drawing.  Not just for my enjoyment, but also for my books.  I’m going to be getting back into practice by drawing animals, buildings, and scenery that I see around me.  I probably won’t do much until it’s warmer, though.  What I plan to do after this is draw animals, important landmarks, and scenery for Ariadne. I’m really looking forward to getting started on this.

Another thing that may come out of this is an art and photography blog to showcase my best photographs and artwork.  With the retirement (well, hibernation) of my Foreign Dad in Japan blog and my 365 Rotations project coming to an end this week (at least photographically), I’ll have a bit more time to devote to this.  365 Rotations will continue to be updated weekly with weather reports and monthly with photos of each location, though.  Mainichi Dokodemo Photography will continue as always, but that’s strictly iPhone photos which take very little time to post.  But with this new blog, it’ll be the first time I focus on high quality photography and art.  Pretty much all of my previous photography has been casual hobby photography.

Despite doing this, I feel that I’ll be spending more time writing, too.  With my recent computer problems, I’m going to do most of my drafting in notebooks, and later typing out a first draft.  I can take a notebook anywhere, so I can write anywhere.

Maybe I’ll take a small sketchpad with me and make quick sketches wherever I go, too.