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Free or 99 Cents?

I have a brief question for you. If you were to sell your first novel of a series at a reduced price, would you set the price as permanently free or 99 cents?

Recently, I saw someone do an experiment to see which method creates more income and sales of later books in the series. Surprisingly, he did better with the price set at 99 cents. His thoughts were that people are more likely to read a book they paid for than a book they got for free. And this investment in the 99 cent book leads to a greater commitment, not only to the one book, but also to the second book. He saw a greater profit and higher sales.

This is only one case. What do you think?

Write to Live or Live to Write?

I came across this interesting article about self-publishing this morning when it was shared on Facebook.  It made me think about my priorities and expectations for writing.

Page 1 talks about the priorities of both self-published and traditionally published authors, as well as aspiring authors and hybrid authors.  I’m in the aspiring author category at this moment, so I’ll see how I compare.  One of my biggest priorities has been to achieve a lifelong ambition (more like a 14 year ambition).  I’ve been wanting to write a novel for 14 years, and finally started this year.  I don’t expect to make a living writing.  A lot of aspiring authors want that.  It would be nice, but I just want to get my story out there.  If I get picked up by a major publisher, great.  If not, I’ll be happy with self-publishing.

Page 2 shows the median number of published and unpublished manuscripts per author type.  It shows that aspiring authors tend to have around 4 unpublished manuscripts.  I have none finished, but 3 started.  One is for a non-fiction book I’d like to write, but is on the back-burner.  One is for a story I started during NaNoWriMo last year and found I had no time to write.  I’ll go back to it eventually.  It’s another story I’ve had planned for quite some time.  And the other one I’m currently working on and hope to have the next part ready for critiquing tomorrow.

Page 3 shows the income for each type of writer.  Interesting how even traditionally published authors often don’t have much income from writing.  I’m in the lowest group, having no income at all from writing.  But then, I haven’t published.  Well, technically, I am published, but for a travel magazine’s blog.  It’s unpaid, though.

So, why am I doing all of this if I don’t expect to get much money from it?  Well, I enjoy the process of writing stories, and I want to give people an interesting story to read.  I love creating.  For those of you who are writing, why do you write?  Do you want to make a living off of it, do you write just because you like it, or some other reason?  Please leave a comment.